Intelligent Drawing & Document Management

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Are you weighing up the cost and benefits of using a drawing/document management system?

Try not to look at this exercise as an expense.

Instead, see it as an investment.

The initial implementation cost should be exceeded by long term efficiency gains.

If correctly implemented, the benefits will be invisible to you.

  • Annoying ongoing issues should fade away
  • Potential “poor drawing quality and access” related incidents will not happen

This is the saving using our system gives you.

Your implementation requirements will differ from others, therefore, your solution will differ from others.

This will change the cost. You will need to contact us to discuss your issues for us to evaluate a suitable solution.

There are four main steps in the process.


Find, sort out and catalogue your drawings (and other documentation)


Develop a plan for adding them to theDMSeffect considering Site, Categories/Sub Categories, Filter requirements and User Permissions etc.


Implementation and Training


Ongoing drawing mark-ups and other incidental services as required

There are two main costs associated with the process.


Finding, sorting out and cataloguing your drawings – a one off cost. This can vary greatly depending on the condition of your drawings and how well (or badly) they are already sorted


The cost of theDMSeffect, which is a monthly subscription based on the drawing count

We can combine or separate these costs in a number of ways.

The initial sorting can be completed and the cost spread out over 12 months.

You can choose to sort out your drawings in stages etc.

We will need to meet and discuss the options to calculate a price for you.

The system can be offered as a cloud based system meaning no overheads to you or if you prefer the system can be installed on your server, we can do this to.

Using a DMS does more than just make Drawing & Document Management Easier

  • Confidence personnel are using the most accurate drawing available – if someone uses an old revision or inaccurate drawing it can mean injury or death.
  • Confidence drawings are being kept up to date, reviewed and approved – work flow means drawings must be approved before being released to all to see.
  • Critical Equipment (assets) often needs to be managed, inspected and reports/certificates kept – Many of this required by legislation (Pressure Vessels etc.). Our system makes this easy and manageable.
  • Easy access for everyone meaning no excuses for why drawings weren’t consulted – If it is late at night, equipment is down and the hard copy drawings are missing – the electronic copies need to be easily accessible.
  • Ability to run reports and see the drawings are being managed.

Equipment downtime can be a business’s biggest expense.

  • Our system reduces down times by allowing easy access to drawings/documents – saving just half an hour a week can pay big dividends.
  • By allowing personnel to easily identify issues on drawings, meaning they are kept more up to date and thus there is less investigation time when drawings don’t match.

Searching for drawings can be time consuming if they aren’t managed well. If personnel don’t have their own access they may need to find their supervisor to help get the drawings they need. Following this, if drawings aren’t named or described well it might be impossible to find. If you can find the required drawings – how do you log who is checking them out or making changes?

  • theDMSeffect has a sophisticated search which allows for logical break downs, specialised/editable descriptions and dynamic collections of drawings.
  • All personnel having access, meaning no one person houses all the knowledge creating redundancy, if the personnel who manually manage your drawings are at a meeting, on leave, off sick or worse – leave all together, it can drag out the process of accessing drawings.
  • As all personnel get familiar with the system, the drawings begin to be more easily found, used, and updated. Some drawings are never updated as personnel just simply don’t know they exist, or the process of getting them updated is time consuming.
  • That personnel are using the most up to date drawings/document
  • That there is redundancy
  • That WorkCover certificates etc. are being managed
  • That we are able to easily manage drawing updates
  • Unlimited Users – of any level – with unlimited access
  • No Limit on uploads and downloads – as many as you need to run your business
  • Phone for support from our Australian Company
  • Our system has no hidden costs – there is the one subscription fee for which you get full access. We fully maintain the system
  • There is no special software to access your drawings – some systems require specialised client software to be installed on each PC to access your Document Management System. A web browser (no add ins) and PDF viewer is all that is required. These are available on most computers these days
  • theDMSeffect is also constantly being developed seeing new features and functions. This is all rolled out throughout the year free of charge
  • Requested support in the future; to import all of your documents, logically structured, and manage them, should you like our assistance
  • Modifications to drawings