New Update Release,

The latest system update for theDMSeffect,, has now been rolled out to all our clients.

We will continue to blog updates about our Drawing Management Software while we continue developing towards our upcoming major version update. For more details about the next major system update, go to the heading:     Major Revision


Improvements in this Update:

  • New PDF Tools Added

PDF Preview

PDF Preview has now been implemented into the system. As shown below, PDF it is found to the immediate right of the Download PDF File button.

Highlighted PDF Preview Button


PDF Rotate

Users can now utilise PDF Rotate. Simply click on the Document Title, as highlighted on the left of the below picture, this will then open the pop-up Document Detail page. Scroll down to the bottom of the Details page and users can find the function on the right, as highlighted. Click the blue circle icons to rotate the document right and left.

Highlighted PDF Rotate

Workpack Creation

Found in the More Actions tab after selecting the required documents, Workpack Creation allow for users to make a folder combining a set of documents.

For example, all the plant items on a specific site can be put into one folder. This limits the chance of users accidentally missing one or more documents they may need when downloading files. In addition, these Workpacks guarantee that the latest drawing and document revisions are easy to find and download from the system.

Highlighted Workpack Creation Option


  • Uploading Alert

Upon uploading via the new Upload Documents page, a message will be displayed to the top of the page. This message explains that when an exclamation mark appears next to a drawing or documents name, there is an issue that needs to be addressed by the person uploading the document. In addition, the number of Problem Documents will be shown blue refresh button, as shown below.

Uploading Message Displayed


If there is a problem document, an orange exclamation bubble will appear next tot the Document Number. If the user hovers over the bubble, a note will appear in charcoal identifying the issue. Furthermore, any required information needed before uploading will be highlighted in orange, as shown in the below image.


Highlighted Uploading Issues


  • Search File Details

The Search File Details menu has been updated. The layout is now more spaced out and uncluttered, an ‘Apply All’ button has now been added to the top of the ‘Search File Details’ menu, as well as after commencing a search, the site being searched on will now be displayed underneath the ‘Search’ title.

New Layout Shown


Additional Changes:

  • Document Search has been fixed
  • Users Accounts can be found on their allocated Site via their registered email address
  • The Automatic Refresh when switching between pages is much faster now
  • Username list scroll function fixed,
  • Horizontal Scroll bar

Major Revision

This development will be rolling out from next week and will introduce caching on the user end. This means navigating the system and conducting searches will be lightning fast, drastically enhancing the usability of the system.



And Don’t Forget, We’re Here to Help

If you experience any problems while using theDMSeffect or if you have a question, please contact our support team via:



02 4054 9600