Entirely New Version Release, 3.0

The latest version of theDMSeffect has now officially rolled out to all clients!

This long-awaited update introduces a smoother and simplistic user interface, increasing the functionality of the document and drawing management system.

The new version of theDMSeffect has been entirely rebuilt from the ground-up in ASP.Net Core. This means that no matter what new technology is introduced, our system will utilize it while employing it to grow stronger and more efficient.

Additionally, theDMSeffect does not rely on third party libraries or software. As a result, it will be more stable and easier to make changes moving forward.
We will continue to blog updates while we keep on developing towards the upcoming major 3.1 version.

Major Changes Made:

  • Users and Permissions

    Users can now hold different roles or levels of permissions across multiple sites.

    For example, a user can now hold the role of Base User on one site while holding a Contributor role on another site.


  • Search and Filter Function

    The search/filter function has now been moved to the right side of the page.

    However, if you prefer version two’s layout of the function, simply click the switch beside the function labelled ‘Switch to a new interface’.


Default Document Dashboard Display


  • Maximum Results to Return

    From now on, all site documents will be loaded onto the Document Dashboard prior to using the search/filter function. As a result, you won’t need to enter anything in the search bar or select a filter in order to gain access to the document or drawings.


New Interface With Highlighted Search/Filter Function


  • Added Pagination

    Pagination can either increase or reduce the number of documents displayed on the Document Dashboard.

    Additionally, the user can now also change their default page size number in their profile settings.


  • Additional Tools

    To see the ‘Additional Tools‘ section, you need to first select at least one document or drawing. This can be done by either clicking the check box at the start of the row, or by clicking generally on the file’s row.
    From here you can select various Additional Tools including the add to cart, download, approve and reject options.


Additional Tools Bar


  • Cart Management

    The Cart is no longer on a separate page!
    It is now found on the Additional Tools tab that will appear at the bottom of the page after you have selected at least one file. All selected documents and drawings will be shown on the far left of the Additional Tools bar. Please refer to the previous image for an example.
    This tab will appear on both the Main Dashboard as well as the Approval Page (Cart Tab). Furthermore, users can now download a book of revisions in the Approval Page.


  • Document Uploading

    All uploads are now completed on a single page, the ‘Upload Documents‘ page.
    No matter what document you wish to upload, the uploading method will stay the same. This includes uploading a single document, a batch of documents, or uploading new versions of existing documents or drawings.
    The metadata population can be populated or reviewed during the upload process.


Upload Document Page


Minor Changes Made

  • Notifications

    Although it is still located in the top-right-hand corner of the page, the Notifications icon has changed from text to a bell icon.
    The notifications bell will show you the amount of activity messages waiting for you to review. Simply click on the bell to view your notification messages.

  • Sign Out

    Just hover the mouse icon over your username and a drop-down list will appear, displaying the ‘Sign Out’ option.

  • On Leave

    Users can now mark their account as being on leave in the ‘My Profile‘ section.



More is on the way….



We are here to Help

If you need any assistance:

  • using the new version of our document and drawing management system
  • or have any concerns or question

Please contact us at support@theDMSeffect.com.au, or by phone on 02 4054 9600.