Version 2.39

Latest Version Release 2.39 Roll-out

Periodically we will be doing version roll-outs while we look at a new 3.0 version of the system.

The latest version 2.39 has been rolled out and now the functionality is accessible to all.


Changes made:

Secured PDFs


Secured PDF files have started to identify errors in the system.

When a secured PDF file is uploaded to the system it cannot be used in the way a normal unsecured pdf file is.

The secured files cannot be stitched together with other PDF files like our books dashboard and clicking on the books download icon does.

Secured PDF files also does not allow our system to put watermarks on the files.

As such an error is shown to the user whenever any of these processes are attempted.



All PDF files are now reviewed by the system when being uploaded and the uploader is informed with a warning if a file is secured.

The warning notes the user can upload the secured PDF file/s but they will lose the functionality of books and watermarks.

The symbol on the main dashboard and in the approval summary page is then shown differently with a padlock to indicate the different functionality.

Should a user try to add a secured PDF file to a book or try to use the download as a book icon on the main dashboard, the user will be informed this cannot be done and why.

If a document already exists in a book on the books dashboard and a user attempts to upload a newer revision which is secured the user will be informed this cannot be done.

Simply because the book would no longer be downloadable – the user would have to use an unsecured version or remove the document from the affected book.

Any document marked as secured will not be able to use the theDMSeffect watermark system.

Secured PDF

Secured PDF File Identified

With the introduction of secured PDF file checking upon upload to the theDMSeffect system we also need to be able to check existing files.

This can now be done using the Check for Locked PDFs utility.

There is no need to run this utility on your system as we have already done this for you.

So if you see the padlock on the PDF download icon you will now know why.

Check for Locked PDFs Location

Location of Check for Locked PDFs

Check secured utility

Check for Locked PDFs utility

Error on the Approval Summary Page

Within the Approval Summary Page there has been an error.

Clicking the document number hyperlink would normally bring up a function Document Detail Page.

However, recently it has showed the below error instead.

This has been corrected

Document Detail Page Error

Error on Document Detail Page

Default Dashboard

Within the My Profile section, users could select which dashboard they would prefer to see when first logging in.

However this has stopped working on some installations.

This version fixes the Default Dashboard to once again work for all clients.


Version 3.00 is coming

Here at Drawing Managers we have commenced the build of Version 3 of theDMSeffect.

The project started in June and is currently at iteration 3 with many more iterations to go.

As we get closer to rolling out the new version we will let you know so we can ease the process of transition.

The photo below is not the final version but where the development is now.

Version 3

Iteration 3 of Version 3 theDMSeffect

Expect to see:

  • More Granular Security Model
    • No longer is a manager of one site a manager of all sites
    • Sites now have their own permissions
  • Updated Search Engine
    • The search now allows for easier transition between categories
    • The description search will allow for exclusion of words and specific inverted comma searches
  • Simplified Upload System
  • And much much more….